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 Ultimate Crafting Guide

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PostSubject: Ultimate Crafting Guide   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:56 pm

First of all, tele home trade bob and buy a chisel for 6gp.

Then buy a uncut Sapphire for 575gp.
Once you crafted the Sapphire you will have a magic amulet, sell this to the general store.
The magic amulet will sell for 1k.

When your 30 crafting, you will be able to craft uncut emeralds.
These will cost 1494gp.
Sell the amulet of Defence to the general store.
It will sell for 1750gp.

Once 40 craft you can move on to uncut ruby's.
They cost 2300gp each.
Sell the amulet of Strength to the general store.
It will sell for 3000gp.

Once 50 craft you can move on to Uncut diamonds.
They cost 4312gp.
Sell the amulet of power to the general store.
It will sell for 4500gp.

Once 60 craft you can move on to uncut dragon stone.
They cost 11500gp.
Sell the amulet of glory to the general store.
It will sell for 13500gp.

From 60 craft use uncut dragon stones all the way up to 99.
You will make a huge profit and it's the quickest way.
Good luck with your 99 and i hope this helped.

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Ultimate Crafting Guide
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